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The Redman          $8.25
Smoked salmon, mesclun greens, tomatoes,
red onion, and wasabi mayo
The Herbie            $7.25
Roasted turkey, cranberry-orange chutney,
sharp cheddar cheese, mesclun greens and mayo
Burnin' Funk         $6.95
Chicken breast, tomatoes, green leaf,
creole blue cheese mayo and hot sauce
Miles      $7.75
Chicken breast, muenster cheese, avocado,
spinach & a roasted shallot mayo
Holiday         $7.25
Honey ham, Swiss cheese, mesclun, roasted
red peppers, red onions and honey mustard
The Armstrong      $7.25
Roast beef, Swiss cheese, green leaf,
tomatoes, and a creole blue cheese mayo
Thelonious            $7.25
Roast beef, tomato, green leaf lettuce, red onion
and a horseradish mayo
The Parker                         $7.50
Chicken breast, tomatoes, green leaf, bacon
and homemade ranch dressing.
Fitzgerald             $7.50
Chicken breast, tomatoes, green leaf, garlic and
herb goat cheese & chipotle aioli
All That Jazz               $7.95
Honey sesame tofu, cucumbers, sprouts,
roasted red peppers and spinach with a spicy dijon.
The Quartet          $7.25
Fresh vegetables, hummus & avocado on a wrap
The Trio       $7.75
Oven roasted portabella mushrooms, smoked
mozzarella, spinach and a balsamic vinaigrette
Blue Note     $7.50
Smoked turkey, Cheddar cheese, roasted
red pepper, mesclun & mayo
The Duke       $7.25
Smoked turkey, sharp cheddar, sliced green
apple and whole grain mustard
The Byrd       $7.75
Fresh Mozzarella, pesto, tomatoes, mesclun
greens and salt & pepper and lightly drizzled
with olive oil
The Rollins                         $7.50
Roasted Turkey, tomatoes, crispy bacon,
homemade coleslaw, provolone cheese and mayo.
roasted turkey
hickory smoked turkey
honey ham
roast beef
chicken breast
honey-sesame tofu
tuna salad
egg salad
chicken salad
cheese sandwich

Cheeses:          provolone, american, swiss,
         sharp cheddar, muenster

Add-Ons:          green leaf, tomatoes, red onions,
         sprouts, cucumbers, pickles, carrots

Other cheeses:  smoked mozzarella $1.50
  fresh mozzarella $1.50
  herb & garlic goat cheese $1.75

Other Extras:    roasted red peppers .95
  avocado $1.50
  mesclun greens .95
  bacon .95
  hummus .95
  portobello mushroom $1.75
  sliced green apple .65
  spinach .95


Make Your Bread Selection

  Breads:   french baguette, multi-grain
  whole wheat, marble rye
        and ciabatta roll

               croissants (+.35)
gluten-free (+.50)
assorted bagels

  Wraps:   spinach, whole wheat, tomato basil
Specialty Mayonnaise           Add .35
roasted shallot, horseradish, wasabi,
creole blue cheese & chipotle aioli
dijon mustard, whole grain mustard,
honey-mustard, mayo
"Practice Safe Sandwiches,
Always Use Condiments!"
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Monday - Friday:   7am - 6pm
Saturday:   8am - 4pm
Sunday: 11am - 6pm
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